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Three Examples Of A Conclusion Paragraph For A Research Paper

Composing a strong, convincing concluding paragraph is one of the keys to creating a great essay. This is true with research papers as well. Your concluding paragraph will need to be a concise summary of the content and revelations that were made in the research you conducted for your paper.

There are certain elements that should be included in any concluding paragraph. Be sure to make sure you:

Briefly Restate The Research Paper Topic

Rephrase or restate your topic and the thesis that formed the basis for your paper. Try not to use the exact same wording as you did in your introduction.

A Quick Summary Of The Main Points Or Evidence In Your Paper

Do not introduce new information here, but do tie the supporting evidence that is in the body of your work together in the conclusion.

Bring The Points Together

Add up the main ideas or findings in your paper to remind the reader of their relevance. Again, this is not the time to bring in new data, but merely to clarify your findings and the conclusions you have drawn from them.

A Call For Further Research, Further Inquiry Or Action

For example, an effective closing to a research paper dealing with the effects of media violence on youth might read:

“We can see from the research results the serious effects that violence in the media is having on our youth. More in depth research is critical to fully understand the implications of the findings presented in this paper”.

Another example of a concluding paragraph for an AIDS research paper might read as follows:

“The AIDS epidemic is one of the most serious issues now facing those living on the African continent. A lack of education, inadequate access to contraceptives, and the lower social standing of women in most communities is certainly to blame. It must be a priority of the international community to take action to stop this devastating disease, that has destroyed so many innocent lives”

Even without reading the paper, we can see that AIDS was the topic of the paper, and how the researcher set out to discover why AIDS has developed and spread in Africa. His conclusions are clear, and he ends with a powerful call to action.

Remember to always take the time to compose a fantastic finish to your paper. You want to leave your reader with a solid understanding of the issues that you discussed, and why they matter.