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General Guidelines For Writing An MLA Research Paper

Writing an MLA research paper is easy but it requires completing a list of steps. Some may have their own way of writing their paper using this format, but as long as you know what to look for and how your paper should look when completed the task won’t be as challenging as you think. There are general tips to consider that can make a difference in how your paper looks when it is completed. Here are a few basic points to help you plan your next steps during the writing process.

Pay Attention to Guidelines for Your Project

One of the most important aspects of writing an academic paper is to pay attention to guidelines. It may seem simple enough but there are students who have overlooked a small detail and later find out they forget to do something when they learn they got points taken off. Following MLA format may not be easy but remember there are many details included related to properly citing sources and presenting your material with good organization. Read over guidelines before you start and get advice from your instructor or colleague on how to execute the format properly.

Seek Sample Research Papers Following MLA Style

To make sure you are on the right track when formatting your own paper, it helps to have a model to study. This means working with a well written example. Your paper may have specific guidelines to follow according to your school, but there are samples that offer similar results you can use to assist you. Check your school website or a college website with details on how to develop your paper following this formatting style. There are also academic databases you can login for free and study content shared by others.

Additional Tips to Remember While Following Format

There are a few aspects that most papers using this format may require. For example, pay attention to spelling of titles, citations and note position of page numbers. Titles should be italicized and double space content. Place one space after a period, set one inch margins, and you name should be typed in upper left corner using Times Roman font size 12. When citing work include details such as publication date, author name, title, place of publication and list sources in alphabetical order. You may be required to indent citations depending on school requirements.