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How to Create a Topic Sentence for a Research Paper Using a Free Example

A topic sentence is important for understanding the main idea of your research paper. Every student should learn how to create strong topic sentences. It makes sense to work hard and write a perfect one, so the rest of your paper will feel like a breeze. You can study some manuals that help students learn more about topic sentences, but many students agree that they understand everything better when they have good examples. You can find plenty of topic sentence examples if you search online, but you should be able to choose the best ones. The information provided below is useful if you want to both evaluate sample topics and compose your own one.

A successful topic sentence should

  • Explain your main point clearly.

    A topic sentence is the first sentence that your supervisor looks for in your paper. It should state the subject matter of the paper, so do not announce your topic because it is not effective as a topic sentence. The topic sentence should not be wordy or difficult to understand, but outline your key idea.

  • Attract the audience.

    The role of the topic sentence is to hook the readers. You somehow state your research question and tell them how you are going to answer it. There are numerous ways to attract the readers such as using an interesting fact, asking an urgent question, or providing your personal opinion.

  • Stay brief and informative.

    Your readers do not have to guess what your idea is; they should spend seconds and understand your intention.

  • Provide a reasonable opinion.

    Your research paper should develop and prove credibility of your topic sentence. Therefore, it should state something that you can support with strong evidence. You should avoid writing something that states your beliefs because then you have to explain why you think so and believe what you believe.

There is a list of common problems that you should avoid writing your topic sentence. They are:

  • Do not introduce yourself; it is better to avoid using ā€œIā€ in the topic sentence.
  • Check your wording, ensure that it is clear and do not have vague opinions.
  • Do not simply list the information and try to explain everything in one sentence.
  • Avoid starting with a quote or opinion of others; use your own words.
  • Do not provide excess information, save details for the main body of the paper, and do not write about something that you are not going to explain further.