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The Easiest Way To Write A Research Paper On The 4G Technology

When you are pursuing your research paper on 4 G Technology- you need to go through the following steps-

  1. Allow yourself sufficient time: Since you are supposed to collect concrete matter of 10- 20 pages, you need to gather the data from various reliable sources. Go through the library, refer the journals and check published and unpublished dissertations to make a rough sketch of your own research paper on 4 G technology. After collecting the data, organize it well. Keep a track of time while you are writing your outlines, first draft and making revision.

  2. Write a solid thesis statement: Remember, this is the question whose answer you are looking for. You must keep your thesis simple and specific. It is necessary so that subject can be easily narrowed further. Sharp it down and work with your ideas after consulting with your professors. Familiarize yourself with the topic and use technologies to start. Keep taking notes to save your precious time.

  3. Use colorful index cards to diversify your primary ideas. Include the reference books, author’s name, and its page number at the top of each card. Furthermore, enlist all the bibliographic information on separate index cards to identify footnotes and citations. Stay precise while writing down statistics, quotations and quotes.

  4. Prepare an outline: Write an outline. Expand it in a paragraph and match it with the thesis statement. Write main heading and subheadings thereby. Now use your note cards and figure out the required points to be illustrated.

  5. Introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion: Expand your thesis in a concise way. No opinions please as it reduce the credibility. Since usage of 4G technology is based more on facts and scientific innovations, you need to offer resonant arguments. Follow step by step procedure and come to a concluding statement after compiling the body paragraphs. Finally come to a concluding statement and write the synopsis of the paper. While you make edits, ensure that you convince your points clearly. By the time you come to a concluding statement, you should cover all your points that you have jotted down in the thesis statement outline.

  6. Rough draft: After you have completed your rough draft, check it in terms of accuracy, grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, spellings, unity and coherence of data.

  7. Footnotes and Bibliography: Refer a style manual and follow the correct forms and its usage.

  8. Proofread: Take some time and go through the quotes and citations and check it for accuracy. Keep your note cards along and check for the authenticity of the data.

Submit the research work.