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Academic Writing Help: Marine Biology Term Paper Topics

Students have to periodically write term papers. The assignment is not easy to complete, so you should therefore not waste your time and start working on your assignment as soon as possible, especially if you need to prepare a paper in marine biology. This means that you have to choose a topic, check whether you will be able to get enough material on it, and come up with an opinion that you can discuss. It is recommended to get your topic approved before you begin writing your paper. One of the best methods of selecting a good topic is to look through a list of marine biology term paper topic samples. The following topics are selected in order to help you come up with an interesting topic and save your time and effort:

  1. Soft muddy bottom creatures: general characteristics.
  2. The growth of white whale populations: the efforts of international organizations.
  3. Zebra mussels: general characteristic of a population in a certain area.
  4. The impact of asteroids on marine animal extinctions.
  5. How to manage artificial plankton blooms: good practices.
  6. Fish populations and changes of carbon and nitrogen cycles.
  7. Competition for food in marine ecosystems.
  8. Global warming and currents’ temperatures: the impacts on fish grounds.
  9. Alterations in the weather and growth of fish population in tropical seas.
  10. The development of fish farming in the U.S.
  11. Fish hunting versus fish farming: similarities and differences.
  12. The size of the Atlantic fishing fleet, fishing seasons, and catch limits.
  13. The impact of fishing on the economy of Iceland.
  14. Bioluminescence as a biological phenomenon.
  15. Marine battles, mining the oceans, and marine biology expeditions.
  16. The current state of marine commercial fishing.
  17. Natural phenomena: the navigation of marine creatures.
  18. Overfishing issues in the Atlantic Ocean: possible solutions.
  19. How to prevent endangered species extinctions: questions of responsibilities.
  20. Exotic fish as pets: does it make any sense?
  21. Shrimp and salmon farming: the impacts on local economies.
  22. Sharks on the menu in restaurants: where does shark meat come from?
  23. Physical oceanography: methods and techniques.
  24. Underwater photography: scientific research and art projects.
  25. Seafood safety: when is seafood dangerous for human health?
  26. Why should white whale hunting be banned?
  27. Res tides and zooplankton: are there any reasons to worry?
  28. The effects of oil spills on marine wildlife.
  29. Famous marine biologists and their important discoveries.
  30. Marine biology science: important approaches and popular research methodologies.