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A List of Fresh Social Science Research Paper Topics for College Students

Fresh new topics for research papers are increasingly hard to come by. However, as more and more students are using and reusing topics it is of the utmost importance that students everywhere take an initiative and look for new ideas. Colleges and universities expect students to be creative and unique with their research papers and essays. For some students this is easy and for others it is not. The point, however, is that if all students become more creative, scores and grades will inevitably raise. Here is a list of potential new topics and some reimagined ones as well as how to find and develop your own new ideas.

Potential Topics List

  1. Religion and society over the years
  2. Economic Regulation
  3. War on Terrorism; from the beginning to now
  4. Is a college education needed in today’s society
  5. The impact of certain music on society
  6. The impact of literature on society
  7. The impact of video games on young children versus adults
  8. Unusual names; do they affect a child’s grades
  9. Regional Superstitions
  10. Co-ed schools versus gender specific schools
  11. Public school versus homeschool
  12. High school diploma versus GED in the work force

Developing a New Idea

Any topic list is nothing but a list of suggestions and examples. It is ultimately up to the individual to find a topic that is right for them and all topics start out as an idea. Therefore, any idea has the potential to be developed into a new and interesting topic.

When considering ideas for topics, first consider things that are of special interest to you as an individual. The more passion a paper has the better and there can be no passion if the topic is not of interest to the author. The next thing to consider is, how many resources and how much information can you find on this new idea. If information is not readily available and it is most likely time to move on. A research paper is of no use if there is no research to be had. After finding a subject of interest that has a substantial amount of research available, it is time to start narrowing down the topic point. It is vital that the topic not be overly broad. It is very difficult to make a point with a broad topic, it must be narrowed down to the point that you are making a singular, to the point statement.