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10 Great Chemistry Term Paper Topic Ideas To Consider

Chemistry is an interesting subject but when it comes to write a term paper, it becomes daunting for many. However, it can be made exciting if student goes deeper and deeper learning new and more attention grabbing facts. Deeper study makes it more motivating revealing highly fascinating aspects.

  • Initiate with the topic: This is the first step of any science project. Choose a vague topic that meets the parameter of your Chemistry term paper assignment and make your research topic narrower thereby. Vague does not mean that it is not well thought off but should be valid, newest, original, unique and authenticated.
  • Take a trip to the education facility: It helps the researcher to keep hands on and make the subject more fascinating. It engrosses the student further in the subject.
  • Time investment: More and more investment in terms of time and efforts is another key to choose an interesting topic for term paper. Choose a topic that has vast opportunity to explore and seems highly mesmerizing.

Following are some term paper topics that give ideas to Chemistry students:

  1. The link between Ozone and our atmosphere: State how various chemical ingredients used by humans have created havoc on the upper layer of atmosphere creating holes in ozone layer.
  2. Economical sources of energies used as fuel: Focus on the production and usage of various renewable sources of energy and its advantages in contrast to non-renewable sources of energy. Use your innovation and think for the ways of transformation of coal, natural gas, electricity etc via chemical structures.
  3. The impact of Greenhouse gases: Cite exchange of energy between sun and global surface, its effect on vegetation, animal life, atmosphere and humans.
  4. Effects of Arsenic on drinking H2O: State relation between the poisonous waste of factories and the carcinogenic ailments. Mention development of skin and lung cancer, spasms, cancer, nervous system, night blindness etc by relating its consequences with drinking water.
  5. Progresses in Nanotechnology: Cover the subject in various disciplines of science and medicines.
  6. Methane Hydrates: Cite its physical and chemical properties and its impact on environment and it being source of energy.
  7. Effect of diet sodas on human’s bones: Bring up points like neurotoxicity, headache, presence of caffeine, obesity, toxicity, heart troubles, metabolic syndrome etc.
  8. The deleterious effects of acid rain and its effects on vegetation: How acid rain and acid pollution harm trees effecting ozone layer?
  9. Sugar usage for batteries: What is sugar powered bio-battery and how it is more powerful than other batteries?
  10. Chemistry in beauty and makeup: Reveal the presence of exotic ingredients, their harm and benefits in the form of sophisticated creams and lotions.