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How To Write A Research Paper: Stating The Objectives Of The Study


A few basic rules and points need to be observed when stating objectives in a well-prepared research paper. It can begin with motivational questions. What is the premise, and what are your motivations for writing the essay?

Two questions

  • What is a research paper?
  • It is a clearly worded document that clarifies referenced data, theoretical concepts and peer reviews collated during the course of the study.

  • What are your objectives?
  • The paper must begin with a statement that responds directly and effectively to the question(s) being asked. It should also suggest solutions going forward.

How to answer the questions

Before work is even begun, a strategy needs to be put together on how best to proceed with your objectives and summarizing the findings.

  • Mind mapping – Original thoughts are important. Jot these down randomly as they come to mind.
  • Rough notes – Collate these remarks and compile mini summaries from them. Strive to avoid being subjective in your earliest remarks.

Always begin with the thesis statement

The thesis has already been posed in the set research topic. Respond directly to this and construct a central theme as to how you are going to conduct the study, construct objective remarks and report on your findings.

Giving explanations

Always substantiate your objectives and findings. Quote all sources related directly to your findings. Be wary of using alternative summations liberally and detracting from your own, original work. An effective research paper is not a copy and paste report and must include original ideas and be indicative of independent thinking.

Essay outline

The outline can be composed as early as the drafting stage. Wide of the actual objectives of the study, it can be a strategy on how to respond effectively to a clearly defined brief. The essay outline must include an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction begins with a direct response to the thesis question and a proposal on how to respond to it.

The paper’s body is a structured series of summary statements, written in clearly defined and lead-off paragraphs. Paragraphing is vital. The following paragraph must flow directly from the concluding remark of the previous paragraph. The conclusion briefly summarizes the research report and can include future proposals in the concluding remarks.


Apart from quoting all sources, using footnotes where appropriate, research essays must include all citations using standard referencing methods as instructed.