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A List Of Interesting Topics For A Marketing Research Paper

Marketing is a vital part of any business whether they buy and sell for profit, or provide services, companies spends large sums of money to make sure that the public are aware of what they have to offer. Given the diversity of our consumerist lifestyles, there is no limit to the amount of ideas one can invent when considering this subject. Many people even argue that it is an act of willful manipulation and deception which should be stopped or limited. The following is a list of ten Marketing research topics that I consider interesting:

  1. Describe what the spending habits of a consumer might have been like had the advertisement capabilities of companies been limited or even nonexistent.
  2. Create an argument for the reform of the distribution section of the marketing chain where the sea and air routes were not developed enough to permit the safe travels of merchants.
  3. Define a sales strategy where the product is not sold in large quantities but instead, they get their advertising done my sponsoring certain events like an international sport.
  4. Outline an economic strategy that can yield the most in terms of advertisement creation cost and other overheads to that of gross income over the internet.
  5. Discuss the differences that may arise if money of all sorts are stricken from use and in is place academic achievements and noble deeds now reside.
  6. The packaging of a product is very important especially when the targeted consumers are accustomed to a certain level of presentation. Highlight the necessary steps a company should consider when increasing their consumer range.
  7. There are many subsets of marketing that could be considered as separate enterprises that control its own regulations and legal issues and the retail agencies are no exception. Write on the reasons why different protocols can be implemented by services so dependent on each other.
  8. Non profit marketing is a concept that is still relatively new in the economic arena but it does show promise as many companies and institutions that have opened services of this nature. Discuss how these forms of marketing can be profitable when a few of the main channels of income are nonexistent.
  9. Within the companies that deal with purchasing and materials management there should be a general pricing scheme that negates great fluctuation in the buying and selling costs of their goods.
  10. Show how a understanding consumer behavior can lead to creating adds for specific locations on the planet.