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Finding A Decent Term Paper Topic Proposal Example

As you prepare to write your term paper, it can be very helpful to look at examples, especially for the proposal. If you find a topic that you really want to write about, but your teacher rejects the proposal, that can put a huge damper on the whole assignment. It would be a good idea to look for strong examples of these early on in order to get a better idea of what your professor will be expecting of you. Here are some examples of where you can look for these, as well as a few tips to help you on your way.

You will find the best and most accurate examples in these locations:

  • Your course material- often, if your teacher is expecting something specific from you, they will provide examples illustrating exactly what they want you to do. Many times, they will also show you what not to do.
  • Educational journals- if you search any scholarly website, results are sure to appear in a variety of styles and formats.
  • Old textbooks- if you go down to the school library, they will have copies of textbooks from previous semesters. These, especially ones from composition oriented courses, will have great ideas for you to use.
  • Online resources- many writers like to share their ideas and experiences, especially in the field of education. If you look to a forum or other sharing site, you will find anything you need, as well as be able to ask other students and writers the questions you have

Once you know what your teacher is expecting of you, you should also know what specific details they will be looking at when you turn your paper in that will affect its acceptance or rejection.

  • Formatting: Your teacher won’t approve of a proposal unless you complete the assignment correctly. Take this into account when you begin typing it up, and always ask if you are unsure about anything. This has the potential to lose a lot of points if you are wrong.
  • Topic Choice: Make sure that the final topic you choose to write about is appropriate for the class. This means you should not only ensure that it is not an offensive subject, but also that it fits cohesively with everything else that you have worked on this term. Choose something relevant and interesting, otherwise the writing would be pointless.
  • Potential Length of Paper: Although you are just starting out on your assignment, your teacher will be considering how long the finished paper would be, comfortably. Some topics can only bring forth a couple pages, realistically, while others couldn’t possibly be condensed into less than ten.

With this information and with finding decent examples to guide you, writing your term paper topic proposal should be much easier and you are sure to get a good grade.