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How To Compose A Good Research Paper Statement Of The Problem

The problem statement of your research paper is the part that usually comes at the beginning of your essay, stating the issue for the reader. Most statements for research papers include the facts of the base issue, an explanation to why the issue is important, and propose a solution in a direct way. These kind of statements are also used in the world of business for planning, as well as in academia for writing projects and proposal reports.

Steps to composing a research paper statement

  1. Think about what the ideal situation would be. You can write a problem statement in many different ways—some sites suggest jumping straight to the issue first while others say you should have contextual information first. Just for getting started, let’s go with the latter. Being understood fully by the reader is more important than being concise, although you want to aim for both, if you can.
  2. Explain the problem. Make sure it’s clear, easy to understand and straightforward. You need to get to the heart of the topic quickly and put the valuable info at the top.
  3. Analyze the costs, financially, of this topic. Now that the reader knows about the situation, what is the impact of it? Usually money is the bottom line, so focus your efforts there: how is this issue preventing the distribution of money?
  4. Back up your ideas. Find evidence and sources for your claims of how this problem will affect people, especially financially. Feel free to do your own research, but also add related data from other reputable researchers.
  5. Put a solution forward. Simply: how are you going to deal with this situation? Write out a solution possibility as clearly as the issue you already wrote, and focus on the big important concepts. You can get more into details of this solution in the rest of your paper.
  6. Then explain the solution. What benefits should your readers expect if they go along with your plan? Talk about how this solution will increase efficiency, make money or reduce expenses. You could even mention intangible benefits like increased satisfaction of customers.
  7. Summarize both the problem and you solution. Put everything above into a short paragraph a few sentences long. If you have your main points all together, you can concisely state your intentions for the rest of this essay.