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Choosing Excellent Research Paper Topics for a Science Fair

A science fair can play an important part in your school career. Should you impress the right people with your project, you may end up getting financial assistance for college or some other help. Therefore, if you decide to show off your skills at the fair, you need to choose the topic of your project very carefully. A good topic must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an opportunity and materials to conduct the experiments necessary to write a good research paper.
  • The topic must be relevant in the field of study and offer some new information.
  • The subject of your research must be measurable.
  • You need to be personally interested in the topic to produce a better work.

If you cannot come up with any ideas, study various science magazines and blogs to understand what the most popular topics are. Once you choose one of them, follow the news in this field to know whether any major breakthroughs occur while you are working on your research project.

Here are a few suggestions of topics that should help you create an interesting work:

  1. Variations in body temperature depending on the time of day.

    This research can be very helpful for medicine, but you need to consider the fact that sick people will have other temperature patterns, so your research group must include several patients as well as sportsmen and average people.

  2. Can cloning technology solve the problem of hunger in Africa?

    Be sure to consider both pros and cons of integrating cloning technology in the food production industry.

  3. How does the drop in farming affect the process of land erosion?

    This project should focus on estimating the rates of erosion on the active farming and abandoned lands. Determine how lack of use affects the fertility of the ground.

  4. Alternative fuels.

    Develop a new kind of organic fuel that can help solve some of the pressing energetical and ecological problems.

  5. Water conservation technology.

    Try to create a water conservation technique that will be more effective than the one already in place at the region of your choice.

  6. Body structure mutations.

    Study the known cases of mutations and try to determine how and why they occur. Can this be the nature’s attempt at taking the next step in the process of evolution?

  7. Genetic engineering and its effects on economy.

    Explain what kind of consequences developing this particular branch of science will lead to and build a hypothetical plan on how the popularization of this technology will affect world economy.

  8. Study of a certain celestial object.
  9. What is life?
  10. Climate changes and their dynamics.