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Where to Get a Turabian Research Paper Outline Template

The Turabian style is designed to present information about sources in an easy-to-understand manner, acceptable in many disciplines. The most important aspect of writing a research paper in this style is to emphasize names, dates, and places. Besides, technical aspects allow the author to highlight the difference between general and specific sources. Students usually use an outline template to format their assignments according to the Turabian style.

How Your Turabian Research Paper Should Look Like

Your assignment should consist of sections. Each one of them needs to have a claim, evidence, and discussion. Each claim should refer back to the thesis statement, the evidence should confirm the validity of the claim, and discussion should explain how the aforementioned are connected to each other.

The Turabian style uses notes-bibliography citation method. In other words, the primary citation method is using footnotes on each page where a particular source is cited and the complete bibliography is provided at the end of the paper. The list of sources used is called “Bibliography” or “Sources Consulted.” There, you need to use a hanging indent to separate individual references.

Where to Find a Well-Written Outline Template in the Turabian Style

You can either search for a complete outline or find templates of a title page, contents, body sections, or a bibliography page. The following guidelines will help you find useful materials:

  • Go to the webpage of the writing center at your school.
  • On the website of the writing center, you will find a webpage with templates of academic documents. Select the one that you need and follow that template carefully. Sometimes, it makes sense to read the introduction to the Turabian style first and then look for samples.

  • Seek resources for academic writing on educational websites.
  • Plenty of educational websites provide useful materials for research paper writers, including guidelines on how to format it correctly, what outline template to use, and where to find reliable sources.

  • Search for templates uploaded as images.
  • It’s a good idea to use your search engine to look for templates in Turabian style uploaded in image format. Typically, these documents are scans of students’ submitted assignments but you may also find samples prepared by educators.

  • Ask your professor for some assistance.
  • Your professor will help you understand how you should compose and format your research paper. Besides, he or she may share a great outline template that suits your topic and explain how to use it wisely.