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A List of Strong and Impressive Argumentative Research Paper Topics

It is always a good thing to try and find useful research paper topics that you can write on, because more often than not the topic that you choose will determine whether or not you will succeed or pass in the paper or the unit you are undertaking.

There are a number of things that markers will often look at apart from your research paper topic, especially after going through the topic and the thesis statement. All of these will go so far in ensuring that you are either heading in the right direction, or if you are going to fail because you have already lost the plot.

Even after looking at some of the finest topics that are available today, if you do not know how to build up on these topics and get the best results so far, chances are high that you will hardly ever come to enjoy the finest results so far. Because of this reason therefore it is important to ensure that you do know how to not only write the paper, but most importantly how to build up on the paper, how to make it flow, and how to put the ideas together flawlessly

Things that markers look at

Over the years, within the learning environment there are regulations that have been variously interpreted, including detailed assessment criteria produced for the dissertation. Invariably, however, marking involves professional judgment over style, persuasiveness and ideas. No set of standards or guidelines will supersede the necessity for academic judgment and discourse between markers. A typical approach to assessing a tradition argumentative research paper is as follows:

  • Knowledge and understanding of concepts – engaging critically with a body of academic management literature.
  • Knowledge and use of literature – selecting an using a body of academic literature appropriate to the research questions or hypotheses
  • Research design and method – clear research questions, integrated with method and literature, maturely evaluating alternative methods
  • Academic discourse – clear and precise writing style, consistent use of terms, maturely counter-posing contested theories
  • Framing and analysing practice – creating boundaries within which practical issues and relevant theory can be analysed
  • Reflecting on theory and practice – persuasive conclusions relevant to business.

The approach to assessment of tradition dissertation is proving less and less applicability to other types of dissertation. What follows are marking descriptors covering the main dissertation grade categories. Identifying actual marks within grade descriptors is left to professional judgment and discussion between markers.