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A List Of Good Ideas For Research Paper Topics To Consider

"The world is our oyster," or so goes the saying. Finding research topics to write about should not be something difficult to do, but occasionally it just is. Maybe we want something original, maybe we want something unique, or maybe we are just stumped. Regardless of the reason, the topic are all around us. Just look up and observe the world, everything that is happening at any particular moment can potentially be a research topic to write about. We ask various questions on a daily basis. These questions often start with "why?" or "where?" and even "how?" So there are your research topics.

Where to get your ideas from

  1. If you turn on the TV and a game is on, you have just found a research topic. Sports: write about the history of certain sport, and the famous players who have made their mark in our world because they played it. Write a paper comparing different athlete's stats within the same sport. Why are some so much better than others? Are any of them female athletes? Wonder to yourself if women have always played that sport. Investigate how and when women were introduced.
  2. If you're in the streets and there are cars everywhere, have you ever stopped to wonder who owned the very first car in your town, and how transportation has evolved through the years? Here is another great idea and an opportunity to learn!
  3. During a walk down the street you feel like stopping by your favourite coffee shop. Coffee and the history behind it, who discovered that you could roast the beans and then brew them to drink? This would make for a very interesting research topic as well. And while we are on the subject of coffee, we can also seek to learn and write about the effects of coffee on the human body, pro and cons of drinking it, and how much is too much.
  4. You come out of that coffee shop and you see someone walking their pet dog. You can ask yourself, "what breed of dog is that?" and ask the owner. This may lead you to wonder about other breeds that are sure to open up an entire set of new questions. Where did all the different breeds come from, which is the oldest, and why are they so different? How are the effects of cross-breeding?

Research topics are all around us, we just need to look, pay attention, and let curiosity and creativity take over.