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A List of Inspiring Ideas for Research Papers for College

Writing a research paper for college can be an interesting task because research papers for college require more detailed research and analysis, and a more solid argument. Research papers at college level also require more evidence and sources for any claim that is raised. In order to find an interesting topic in any subject, you should think about issues, ideas or topics that interest you and are relevant in society. Here is a list of inspiring ideas for papers for college.

The Holocaust

The holocaust is one of the most tragic and horrific events in world history. The event is an unfortunate example of distorted ideologies of race taking over logical and rational thinking. It therefore makes for a great and broad area for research. A list of inspiring ideas for papers for college on the holocaust you may consider include:

  • Notable events during the holocaust
  • Influential people in Nazi Germany
  • Institutionalized genocide
  • Concentration camps
  • Techniques used to commit mass murder


The field of psychology is wide and it contains an array of sub-fields like developmental psychology, chemical dependency, industrial psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, etc. Since psychology is such a wide and interesting field, it is easy to come up with a list of inspiring ideas for papers for college. Here are some interesting topics you may consider.

  • The association between TV and obesity
  • The consequences of teenage “sexting”
  • The effects of designer babies on the society
  • The impact of stringent laws on society’s morals
  • The effect of gender on memory


The advances in research have granted us a deeper understanding of how different forms of life function and the purposes of their functions. We now know more about how living things interact with the environment, the kind of inter-species interactions that living things have, and the impact of such interactions on the planet. Nevertheless, these discoveries have given rise to more questions. These questions can be a good basis for developing a list of inspiring ideas for research papers for college in the field of medicine and biotechnology. Some possible topics you may consider include:

  • The effects of epigenetic changes on the aging process
  • The viability of imparting fungal, bacterial and fungal resistance to plants
  • The effects of probiotics in preventing infection
  • The effectiveness of using bio-films that can absorb air pollution
  • Biological factors that contribute to, or form the basis for substance addiction