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Research Paper Writing Instructions That Will Help You Reduce Stress

There's no doubt that if anyone were to be asked about their experience of writing a research paper, that they would talk about how stressed out they were. Writing a research paper can be intimidating when the person is not familiar with the rules, such as the style, the format, the voice... basically all the formalities. It's like being at a high society party.

The stress is different for every student, and not knowing where to start only adds to it. Should they start with the writing or the research? Since the paper is going to be graded as a written piece, the focus should be on the writing alone. Here are some instructions that will help every student be able to reduce stress.

Be Unorganized

The formalities of writing a research paper isn't just one person's point of view. A lot of times teachers haven't made it a goal to lessen the intimidating view of writing papers, probably to 'up' the seriousness of the project. But everything should be looked at from a writer's point of view and approached with their one goal which is to write. Here are three things to encourage the writing:

  • Be Spontaneous
  • Be Curious
  • Take Notes

Be Spontaneous

When a writer begins to write, they go through writing exercises where all they do is write about anything. It's easy for the student to do the same while thinking about their topic and do it whenever the idea comes to them.

Be Curious

The researcher part of the student should be curious about their own topic and approach it with everything they have. There are always new ideas coming up and ways to bring that into the research.

Take Notes

It goes without saying that this is what makes up the research paper. Both the researcher and writer parts of the student collaborate and make 'something' happen.

What the research paper should be all the way up to the final draft is a continuous writing exercise using those three things mentioned. Because as a researcher, one should always be absorbing information, being mentally involved in making new discoveries. The writer part of the student will kick into action and do the rest.

How Does This Reduce Stress?

The main problem is the illusion of formality, which inhibits the student from really diving into the process. It should also be said that beginning the paper when it's first brought up as the assignment is recommended. Waiting too late would only increase the student's stress and their research and writing will suffer for it. As a matter of fact, the best way for anyone to reduce stress – whether that person is a student or not – is to start writing a research paper now, just in case they would ever need it.