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Writing A Strong Research Paper Proposal In Political Science

Political science is generally the study of government, political processes, and political behaviour. It is a sub branch of social science. This subject revolves around subjective elucidations than hard data. It helps the individuals to learn about the relationships between individuals, groups, states and country along with the procedures of government. There is a huge scope for students to find interesting thesis and dissertations from this subject.

Purpose of research proposals

The purpose of a research proposal is to demonstrate others that you have got an excellent question. In order to accomplish this, the student has to do a bit of surveying convince the readers that your work consists the solution of the question.

Guidelines for writing a strong proposal in political science

A strong proposal generally asks you to survey the research that already exists in the field. It also gives details about formulating the provisional research question, methods and provisional argument. Here are the guidelines which enables you to prepare a strong research proposal.

  • Finding a topic from your favourite area in political science is the first step to accomplish.
  • Transforming the topic into a research question is the next step.
  • Why the topic you are researching is important? To whom this issue is important? You will have to include the answers for these questions in your proposal.
  • The literature review comes next. The instructors will usually give rules for writing the literature review. In this section you should find top books and articles on your topic and read them. After reading, it should be converted into a document.
  • A thesis statement which directly gives the answers to the question comes next. Generally a thesis statement is a provisional claim which gives details about what you find after literature review and what you do you think you will find after the additional surveying.
  • Previewing the arguments, methods and the evidence is the next major step. Make sure that the steps you add here should logically answer the question of the paper.
  • The final section is conclusion section. Here you can explain the significance of your thesis. You can also include the future scope of the thesis in this section.

Political science is an interesting subject. Selecting a thesis or dissertation from political science is a very good choice, as you won’t find it hard to find data for topics from this subject. Follow the above guidelines for preparing proposals without any hassles.