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Writing A Proper Research Paper Abstract In The APA Style: A Quick Guide

Writing the abstract is a tough part of creating your research paper. Knowing enough about the APA style to be able to use it for your abstract, too, is tough. Therefore for ease and convenience, here is a quick and simple guide to help you through and reduce the stress of writing a proper research paper abstract in the correct format.

  • First look up your citation format
  • You can use any search engine to do this, but Google is particularly good. You need to search for examples and explanations of your chosen citation format - here, which means APA. There are plenty of places online to find examples of citation formats for all sorts of different texts: books, articles, papers, web sites etc.. You need to study these and make sure that you completely understand them before you start. You can always print some examples off to use as you write so that you don’t make mistakes as you go. This will also make proofreading easier later once you’ve finished writing your research paper abstract!

  • Look at some samples
  • By looking up other examples of academic writing, especially of writing on the same sort of subject or topic as yours, you can identify what good abstracts contain, how they are written and what sort of tone they employ. If you can find a number of different examples, you can compare them and decide which one of them you think is the best. You can then use that one as your inspiration and, as long as you don’t plagiarise, copy the way in which it is written in order to create your own abstract. You can also print this out in order to have quick and easy access to it.

  • Get people to read your work through
  • If you can, try to find some willing volunteers to read your work through once you’ve finished the first draft. They will be able to tell you whether:

    1. you have managed to successfully and succinctly talk about the subject of your research paper and whether
    2. you have used the APA style correctly.

    You need to proofread your work as well, of course, but having a fresh pair of eyes look over your paper can be a great way to catch mistakes that you hadn’t noticed before. It is also a good way to check that your writing makes sense to your intended audience.