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How to Develop Interesting Research Paper Topics

When you plant a new seedling in your garden, you care for it meticulously. Doing your research, preparing, planting, and watching carefully. Much like the steps for encouraging the growth of a new seedling, when developing an interesting research paper topic you will want to provide the same kind of meticulous care. In order to develop an interesting research paper topic you will want to prepare and do your research—in preparation for writing the paper.

Be Prepared

When you are writing a paper and considering your topic, the first crucial step is proper preparation. You will want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the directions, expectations, and rubric for the research paper. By thoroughly reading your instructions and/or prompt—you will have a sound knowledge of the type of paper you are expected to write, what the paper should be about, and any other specifications your instructor may include. Knowing these requirements will help you more easily identify promising research paper topics. Another consideration to make is what kind of rubric your teacher will be grading on—are there specific source types, styles, or feature that need to be included in the paper? Following the rubric carefully will help you avoid silly mistakes.

Give Consideration

After you feel that you fully understand the required factors of your paper, you will next want to consider what interests you, what interests your audience, and what is most original. Selecting an original topic will avoid writing about something tired or overdone. Writing about an overdone topic will not only bore you, it will also bore your readers and, most importantly, your teacher who will be doing the grading. In addition to your topic being original, you will also want to insure the audience will find the topic interesting. Make sure the topic is in the realm of audience’s understanding. If you find the topic interesting, there should be a way to convey this to your audience in an engaging manner.

Start Research

Before finalizing your topic, you will want to do a trial run on your research. Nothing is worse then getting approval on your topic only to discover there are no sources available for you. Do a preliminary search online, at your library, and with other research resources to make sure there is enough available information. You want your topic to have recent scholarly sources, and make sure there is information that supports your opinion.