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A List Of Outstanding Historical Research Paper Topics

There is nothing as amazing as making the trip down memory lane every once in a while and writing a very good paper about it. One of the most amazing things about history papers is that there is normally so much that you can write about, so much that you can discover in the process, and most importantly there is an endless list of amazing topics that you can write on. The thing about history is that you can never run out of ideas. Topics are all over the place. You can choose to go to the medieval times, prehistoric, World War ages, industrial revolution, the cold war, or modern history. There is an endless list of topics from where you can write a good history paper. To get you on the right path, the following are some unique topics that you can start writing about:

  • A comparison between the British Gazette of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, the Kai Tiaki of New Zealand and the Royal Nursing Journal of the UK
  • The concept of juvenile fiction through the eyes of Dorothy Neal White. You will need to look into the national library to find more content on this. This takes a deeper look into juvenile fiction before the war, and picks up again after the war
  • Slavery between 1830 and 1865. Put up a strong debate about slavery during this period. Consider the circumstances under which slave trade went on, and most importantly how this changed the future economies of the participating countries
  • The experiences of civil war soldiers; for this topic, you will go deeper into the experiences that the soldiers had to go through. This includes their struggles on the home front, the challenges of slavery, gender, racial violence and slavery.
  • Woman sufferage and women’s rights between 1890 and 1900. Discuss how women’s rights groups developed since then, and how this has evolved over the years to what we have right now.
  • Frontier conflicts: for this particular topic, you are going to look into the empire of the US in general, and the relation with the Pacific. Here you include conflicts with the likes of Samoa and Hawaii. How did the conflicts shape the future of these societies?

These are simple topics that you can write about in history, but then again you will realize that you have to be very specific, because most of them are so wide.