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A List Of Music Research Paper Topics To Write About

Music may be the love of your life or your greatest passion if you choose to study it as a subject in university or college. You may realize that composing research papers on music will not be as simple as listening to or liking a certain form of music. While writing a research paper, you need to keep a couple of things in mind regarding the format, topic, style, structure, data and examples that you use. If you are wondering how the topic of your research paper in music should look like, then you will find following ideas helpful

Interesting topics to write a research paper about music

  1. Is it possible for a deaf to play musical instruments? How do they understand the notes and pitch when they cannot hear
  2. Why is it difficult for potential singers who have great talent to launch their first album publically
  3. Who is the most inspiring pop music writer, singer, composer or director of your time and why do you feel so
  4. Give examples to show the difference between rock and roll, death metal, rhythm and blues, jazz, opera and classical tones
  5. Is there a possible relation between religion and music? Can religious affiliation be a reason to like or dislike music
  6. Music is the medicine of mind, how true is this statement
  7. Is there any impact good or bad of music on the way we feel, act or behave?
  8. Can sad songs lead to a constant state of depression
  9. What is the procedure for marketing music videos and albums to an international market where people have different languages
  10. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of technological advancements on the music industry.
  11. Were there any major changes in the pop culture since the time it began
  12. Which is the most successful era for music in the industry? Which music form is most appreciated and discussed around the world
  13. How does music define a nation or its preferences or social structures
  14. Can music have a revolutionary message or impact
  15. What tones are most popular and why do they have a certain addiction for the mind
  16. Why do people get influenced by musical artists from different languages that they do not even understand
  17. Can music be a way to hypnotize someone
  18. Does music have a soothing effect on the nerves? How