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10 Quick Tips On Writing A Research Paper On Teenage Pregnancy

It is very common nowadays to see young girls, age 18 or less, who are pregnant or already having a child. Even if it is considered normal in some parts of the world, in the west this is concerning phenomena. It is such a sensitive topic that you need a lot of tact to write about it. You need to be open-minded and realistic and to present the facts from a neutral perspective. Check out these ideas before writing your paper:

  1. Present the statistics. Without giving your opinion about them present the official statistics about teenage pregnancy in your country. You might be surprised of how many young girls get pregnant.
  2. Prevention methods. Here do not mention only birth control, but also sexual education that needs to be implemented in schools.
  3. What are the causes? Find out what are the most common causes for this and if they can be eliminated.
  4. Parenting at a young age. Are young women prepared to become mothers? What are the problems that could appear?
  5. Abortion. Many parents, when they find out that their daughter is pregnant, press her to make abortion because she is too young. Do you think this is a good or a bad thing?
  6. Getting married. Most of the time, the young couple does not get married, and they break up after a short period. Could this be prevented by getting married?
  7. Discuss with women who had children at a young age. You can find out what are the biggest difficulties that they encountered and how they managed to deal with their new position.
  8. Governmental support. Most of the countries offer financial help for young mothers so they will have the chance to complete their education. Discuss this aspect.
  9. Public perspective. In the last years, this became so common that it is considered normal in some countries. The media is promoting an ideal image of a young, happy mother, and this could influence other girls to make the same mistake.
  10. Culture. Some religions encourage marriage at a young age and teenagers are pushed by their parents to get married and have children. For some, this is something normal and natural while others think that this is not far from child abuse. Do you believe that culture plays an important role in this matter?