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Creating a History Research Paper Title Page: Basic Hints

The title page for your history research paper gives an impression of what is contained inside. A reader is likely to form an opinion based on the appearance of the title page. It also indicates the formatting style and provides personal details of the writer. This makes it necessary to take time and create the best page. How do you make your title page work for you?


Capture all the information that must be included on the title page. There are samples and templates providing these details. This information includes the name of the student, the university, college or institute he is studying, the year of study, the course and the assignment. In some cases, you might be required to include the name of your supervisor. Beyond being identified by a name, every student has an admission number. This number must be included as part of the cover page.

The full title of your research paper should also be included. It is the attracting factor in the world of academics. It indicates the content of your paper and will entice or repel a reader to delve deeper into the paper. You might be required to include issue dates or semester and year the paper was handed in. This helps a reader trace the timing of ideas shared in the paper.


The formatting details depend on guidelines issued by your school. Most schools have adopted either MLA or APA formatting style. Each of these styles is distinctive in terms of spacing, indentation and margins. For example, under APA style, the title of your paper is placed at the center in the middle of your page and double spaced. The title should also be concise and not contain more than twelve words.

The MLA format does not require a separate title page. The document is also double spaced with a one inch margin throughout. Moreover, the other pages of your history research paper should be left justified. The name of your teacher or supervisor must also appear on the cover page. Each of these details should be written on a separate line.

To ensure that you write the right title page for your history research paper, adhere to the instructions given by your tutor. In case these instructions are not clear, seek clarification and consult before handing over the final paper. Failure to adhere to formatting rules will lead to reduction in overall score and your paper may be returned. This leads to waste of time and resources.