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How To Choose A Catchy Research Paper Title About Facebook

Facebook has emerged as the most popular social media site by a long mile. It has become the part of lifestyle for many on the planet and its reign covers all demography; from people aged 8 to 80.

Different takes

There have been many articles and essays written on Facebook; some eulogizing in nature; some a bit derogatory and some taking the middle path. While it does have its evil snaps; no one can deny some of its acute benefits; notably in creating fascinating networks.

While writing a research paper on Facebook, the first thing that strikes you is that the topic should be catchy enough to melt in the mouth. This would, after all, be in keeping with its popularity.

The different tenets

You have to fathom the tenets of your paper; the direction you have taken. You may wish to predict where this social media site will be 10 years from now. You may also wish to compare its differential effects in Asia, Europe and Africa.

You may delve into the pool of opinions that create a storm particularly in the wake of a war or a calamity. You may also survey and sample the feeling of togetherness and fraternity that this site brings. Your topic will accordingly be construed.

Intelligent development

It is interesting how Facebook began as a site to bring together people from different ideologies; or even long-lost friends. In fact, Orkut was its predecessor, but it was largely half-baked. Facebook reveled because of personalization; numerous options, games; feeds and feedbacks.

Slowly, as it became popular, Facebook has hardly lost any chance in monetizing its fanfare. It excels at indulging people and giving them the flair of participation in different contests and competitions. You can start your own groups or even pour your heart on any subject. If you have an active profile, there will naturally be a respectable number of readers.

Showing the way

Facebook has actually shown promising entrepreneurs how to go with their business. The major aspect is to drive on personal relation. You should keep these things in mind while creating or mooting a catchy title. Grabbing the elephant becomes easy when you have the tail in hand.

We have crafted the following research topic in relevance to Facebook.

‘How Facebook manages to create a sphere of economic viability through personal equations’

You are free to invent other titles. Just remember to remain with the flow.