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How To Select Good US History Research Paper Topics: Tips & Examples

Good US history research paper topics can be easy to obtain, but your interests and requirements for your assignment will give you a better idea of which topic is most suitable. There are various sources and techniques to consider in choosing a good topic. You can visit places such as a museum or library to get ideas. You can use media sources such as news reports and social media. The idea is to find something you will want to research further and provide a unique viewpoint. Here are tips and examples to help you find your topic.

What Elements of US History Interest You the Most?

History is one of those subjects many find boring. This is your chance to make it interesting by finding something you want to read more about. Review elements of US history and think about what would make a good research paper you are willing to write. If you have a favorite subject matter such as money for instance, try to find an element related to the subject and US history. This can be a different idea instead of research papers about war and conflict.

Get Ideas from Research Papers Written on Similar Topics

Use sample research papers to come up with ideas. There are tons of papers available online through academic paper databases. There are database options recommended by top colleges and universities with quality papers written by other students. You can take notes on topics you find and read a few papers to inspire yourself to write something good. Besides sample papers consider current events and things that may become important parts of US history moving forward.

10 Example US History Research Paper Topics

There are homework help sources online offering additional tips on developing academic paper topics. To encourage your own creativity here are 10 example topics to consider for your writing project.

  1. Key players in the abolishment of slavery.
  2. Development of the Civil Right Movement.
  3. How women obtained the right to vote.
  4. September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
  5. How the voting process has changed.
  6. US involvement in the Cold War.
  7. The first state to legalize marijuana.
  8. The development of the twenty dollar bill.
  9. The first president of the US.
  10. The first state to be recognized as a state.