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Selecting Psychology Topics for a Research Paper: Tips & Tricks

Basic ideas to help inspire a topic to write about

When it comes to writing a good psychology paper, there are certain things to consider. For a start, you want to have an idea of what kind of essay you will write. The following list below gives just a brief outline of some of the most popular approaches that can be taken when writing a psychology research paper. Whilst you may not use exactly one of the approaches outlined below, it may help to inspire you to think of something even better.

  • A profile of a famous psychologist
  • An analysis of a psychological theory or principle
  • A discussion about the findings of an experiment
  • Comparing and contrasting the effects of something on psychological behaviour
  • A discussion about the ethics surrounding certain experimental techniques

Matching the right style of argument to the topic that you choose to write about

Once you have an idea of the title or topic that you want to write about, it can be good idea to then consider what style of essay, you want to write. For example, if you are thinking about looking at the similarities and differences between two psychology experiments, then you may wish to write a compare and contrast essay. Alternatively, if you wish to write about a specific psychological technique, and why you think it is so good, then you may wish to write the paper based on an argumentative style.

Examining previously written psychology research papers to help produce ideas of your own

If you’re still stuck for ideas, then a good tip is to look through previously written psychology research papers to help inspire ideas of your own. Whilst you don’t necessarily need to copy other people’s ideas, just reading more about the subject can help put thoughts and ideas in your own mind.

Choosing a topic that you will be able to right about comfortably and comprehensively

Finally, a good tip is to write something that you will enjoy. If you enjoy writing about it and are comfortable with the subject matter, then it makes it a lot easier. Furthermore, you want the topic that you choose to have enough information few to write a comprehensive paper. If, having carried out the research, you only find a small, relatively insignificant amount of data or information on the subject, then this isn’t necessarily a good subject to be writing a long research paper on.