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Top 11 Research Paper Topics On Information Technology

Information technology is a topic of interest to most business owners and individuals alike, though the latter may only have a casual interest in it. Despite your reason for taking interest in this subject, it undeniably affects us all directly or indirectly and there are many different ways one can attribute the influence of this body of knowledge on our everyday lives. Extensive studies are done on information technology and this is evident by the any innovations, discoveries and advancements that are made on a monthly basis, it is, in fact, one of the fastest growing fields of technology in existence today. Here are 11 top research paper topics on this type of paper:

  1. Can computer development keep up with our need for simplicity and ease of interface when systems are becoming increasingly complicated requiring specialists to perform maintenance and set up tasks?

  2. Would there ever be an age where most or all electronic, networked devices a person uses gain seamless lag free inter-connectivity among each other therefore, providing information and constant social contact with family and friends.

  3. If the online mass storage feature like cloud were to be pushed to be the successor of hard drives, should the use and purchase of legacy devices and technology be banned?

  4. What modification to legislation must a nation make in order to allow the sale and use of devices that project a holographic image as one of its primary functions?

  5. Research the concept of recharging a battery through a form of wave frequency.

  6. What would it take to create and enforce a law that prohibits the incorrect usage of ergonomically designed devices?

  7. Do you believe that there exist technology designed to manufacture computer and electronic devices in a manner that allows them to connect to each other while the system is on?

  8. Should college, university and most other tertiary education facilities incorporate information technology into most of their programs?

  9. Within this age of technological warfare there exists the ability to operate UAV’s from remote locations. Discuss the potential threat if one or more of these drones gets hacked and used to attack civilian populations.

  10. Will there ever be advancements in gadgetry where a product offers a feature that interfaces with a human mind to read and convey the data onto digital format.

  11. What would it take for quantum computing to become the current mainstream platform for computers?