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The Integral Parts Of A Research Paper Literature Review

We are all needed to do a research paper on the choice of our subject at end of the college term. It is quite an important part of our educational and academic career. A lot of grades depend on this work and thus your confirmation to enter a better college for master’s degree or for going in to a good job depends on the quality of the work that is done by you in your paper. The more effort you will be giving in the paper the better production you will have which will ultimately lead to a better project.

Many times students come up with a review of their paper without even knowing a fact about it. It has been inserted in to the curriculum and it is must to be provided along with your paper. So what it is it actually? It is an in depth evaluation of the work that has been done by you. It is a kind of a summary or you may a say a synopsis which helps the reader to get an idea about your work. It is not a thesis statement though. You need to understand the difference of a review with a thesis statement. Everything of a review depends on the selection of a perfect question.

The integral parts of a research paper literature review

There are many reasons for including the literature review in your paper as it helps in understanding and clearing many things and questions that occurs in the mind of the reader. So you have to be quite precise in writing in in a perfect manner.

  1. The first part of the work includes a tight introduction as the review itself is a paper. You have to start with all the important facts that are going to be discussed in your work. This will be a kind of reinventing the topic and discussing about it all again for the benefit of the readers.
  2. The second thing is the summary of the work that has been done on the sources of your material. The better summary you provide the better will be the approach of the work.
  3. Then comes the synopsis and the synthesis of the work that you are going to do. It is the most important thing. This will help the reader to have an idea about your work.
  4. After that all the question to be discussed and all eth assumptions made while composing the paper.