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How to Come up with Fresh Business Topics for Research Papers

Business is a concept that touches on just about everything in our lives. Businesses are the backbone of economic systems which decide who gets what and when as well as how. As a business student you therefore have freedom that many other students cannot claim. If you want a business topic to research, consider the following:

What’s in the news?

Current events are on people’s minds. Look at what they’re talking about and look deeper for the business aspect. It’s always there if you look deeply enough. An economy is just a business on a macro scale.

What’s on the horizon?

It’s hard to stay current just by following what’s happening as it happens. Access to information is almost instant now so you need to go just beyond. Look for the stories that are just about to happen and mine them for research topics. This may be best done by combining two related topics which may eventually overlap and create a new topic all on their own.

What’s cyclical?

Some business analysts appear to have almost supernatural powers of prophecy when all they are doing is mapping current phenomena against past occurrences and noting trends. Nature loves cycles. If something that is happening now resembles events from the past, chances are that the thing that happened next may also come to pass. Take note fo trends are research to see how likely they are to repeat themselves.

With these tips in mind you can begin to formulate your own exciting new topics. Some of them may look like those listed below:

  • The rise of entrepreneurship and the fall of the salaryman
  • Millenials: The Human Resource Nightmare
  • Can all Enterprises be Social?
  • Is Corporate Social Responsibility Enough?
  • Will the current business model be relevant after peak oil?
  • How can businesses built on intellectual property survive the scourge of hacking?
  • How many current corporate giants will go the way of the newspaper?
  • Are pharmaceutical companies living on borrowed time?
  • Is coding the new literacy and how should corporate culture respond?
  • Can companies persist in discriminatory payment practices against women?

Those topics look at more than one aspect of business. They touch on the environment, women’s rights and other issues that on the surface may not seem related but are actually quite connected. Form your own linkages and your topics will be even more exciting.