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American Government Term Paper Topics For High School Students

Writing a term paper on American government topics offers plenty of insight and detail you can write about. You can choose from different ideas based on what you want to learn about the American government. In many cases you end up learning more about US government during independent research than you do just from reading a textbook in class.

Elements to Consider When Choosing a Term Paper Topic

Your term paper topic should be something you can easily write about. Your topic can be anything of interest or something you learned about recently. There are different methods and sources to consider. For example, there are methods of brainstorming that will offer an assortment of raw term paper ideas. This is good for broad topics that need to be broken down into something smaller.

You can sources such as news, social media and reference books for additional ideas. Guidelines for your assignment will help you with topic selection. You may be required to provide a certain amount of information and you need a term paper topic that will help you do so. Sources used to help you choose a topic may also help you write your term paper.

10 American Government Ideas to Help Develop Your Own Topic

American government has various aspects students can review. Finding an area of interest can help you focus on a good topic for your term paper. It helps to view your assignment as a way to answer a question you may have. Since there are various ideas to consider you can use the list below to help you create an original paper topic of your own.

  1. Differences in democratic and republican beliefs.
  2. What amendment in the US constitution should be changed?
  3. The process required for a state to be recognized as a state.
  4. Differences in federal and state aid.
  5. How to get more people to vote during elections.
  6. Finding out which three branches (executive, judicial and legislative) has the most power.
  7. Do Americans really have equal rights? Does the amendment in place really ensure this?
  8. Does the federal government have too much or too little power?
  9. Should police be allowed to search property of a student at school without a search warrant?
  10. What are important tasks exercised through the executive branch and how have they affected presidents in the country’s history?