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Top 10 Fresh Art History Term Paper Ideas for University Students

If you are taking an art history course and about to start on your term paper it is imperative that you find an interesting idea on which to write for the final piece. But what constitutes an interesting idea? An interesting idea is one which you really love. It is one that piques your interest and one that you really want to write about, but never thought to cover before. It is something that you have a passion for, something that you want to know more about. It should also be something interesting, something that has some counter arguments posed against it and is therefore an interesting and debatable topic. If the idea you decide to use is dull and has no counter arguments, and is widely accepted as truth, then writing on it will be just as dull and unexciting.

If you are still stuck, try reviewing some of your previous course notes, look over paintings and statues, see what you can find in your textbooks that you really wanted to research further. Think back to the artists you have covered and whether any of them are truly interesting to you. Try and find something that has not been discussed in your class, or an angle that you have never presented in the course before. If you still cannot think of anything, consider these ten fresh ideas below:

  1. Discuss the artistic techniques for which Walter Gropius receives credit and how the Bauhaus movement became so successful.
  2. Write a paper which reveals the attitudes that western artists had toward Renoir and Impressionist artists.
  3. Research the similarities and the contrasts between two artists, separated by over one hundred years: Giotto and Michelangelo.
  4. Review how the concept of grotesque is defined in art theory and why it remains so popular in popular culture.
  5. Review Nazi art during the era of Hitler
  6. Write about the use of differential focus by Peter Henry Emerson
  7. Write a paper which discusses the Iyoba Pendant Mask from the 16th century
  8. Compare and contrast folk art with fine art and how both are defined throughout the centuries
  9. Review the changes that have taken place in Chinese art over the years and what defines modern Chinese art today.
  10. Write about the style of international gothic painting and how it contrasts to Renaissance artwork.